Art for Space is the world's first agency dedicated to gamification of environmental engagement through space and art.


Art for Space creates art on earth for space and in space for earth. AFS brings art to space and back, and also shares art with people around the globe.

Art on earth and in space has the power to unite us, to bring us joy and to show how beautiful our planet is. Join our mission and let this vision become reality!

AFS is dedicated to sustainability in many ways: in terms of ecology and economy, culture and aerospace. The project’s development includes several short-, mid- and long-term goals and can be executed for at least 20-30 years.


Art for Space won the StartupWeekend Space Award in Bremen, 2015
Art for Space members Dr. Kai Krieger, Joe Pitt and Philomena Höltkemeier got awarded Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland in 2014 by the German government for the creative endeavours of their companies 3Steps & Philomena Höltkemeier Story Consulting

Our Team

We are a strong interdisciplinary team of business marketers, computer scientists, storytelling- and media experts, designers, artists and rocket scientists. We are experienced in many coordinational and operational fields and processes. Together we have the expertise to contact the world’s greatest artists and involve them in space art, as well as to plan and execute all steps of sending art to space or creating art in space. We combine elements of different industries to create products and services, art and knowledge that are beneficial to several markets, individuals and processes. Our team consists of people whose work or background is a mixture of rational, analytical and highly creative work at the same time. We have studied Media, Marketing, Computer Science and Engineering, but use these skills to influence different environments.

Get in touch

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Dr. Kai Krieger (3Steps)

Artist & Business Marketer

Kai Krieger is a specialist in marketing and management and an artist in the 3Steps collective from Gießen. Together with his crew he produces an art festival "Rivertales" and was awarded Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschland in 2014 by the German Government.

Joe Pitt (3Steps)

Artist & Computer Scientist

Joachim Pitt, although a computer scientist, is a creative mind and artist belonging to the 3Steps collective from Gießen, Germany. Together with Dr. Kai Krieger, he has been awarded Kultur- und Kreativpilot 2014 by the German government.

Philomena Höltkemeier (PHSC)

M.A. Media Director & Story Consultant

Philomena Höltkemeier has studied Digital Media (BA) and Media Direction (MA). She works as a story consultant and media director in film, events and publishing. Philomena has been working with 3Steps since 2015 when they met during business strategy workshops. She has also been awarded Kultur- und Kreativpilot by the german Government in 2014. Philomena's strength lies in networking, storytelling and management.

Markus Werner (Airbus Defence and Space)

Space Engineer

Markus joined the AFS team at the start-up weekend space. He is a space engineer, working at AIRBUS and he is our reliable source of space-wisdom when it comes to technical- and space-cultural questions.


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